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School-Based Services

We take pride in serving as a vital resource
for School District Special Education Departments

Beyond Boundaries can provide both direct and indirect services within the school setting, or a combination of both services. Behavior consultation is perhaps the most common in-school service provided by Beyond Boundaries. Behavior consultation is an indirect service that is a support for school personnel and aims to train the school staff (e.g., teacher, paraeducators, related services providers, etc.) in implementing strategies rooted in the principles of ABA.

The behavior consultant will work with the team to assess the functions of behavior and design an intervention plan that focuses on addressing interfering behaviors and reinforcing new adaptive skills.

Additionally, the behavior consultant will work with the school team in developing appropriate behavior tracking systems and data collection procedures. As part of the consultation model, the behavior consultants will model for the staff how to effectively implement a specific strategy.

In addition to indirect/consultative services, Beyond Boundaries can also provide direct behavior intervention services (BIS) at school. Typically, the BIS services are provided by a behavior technician and supervised by a BCBA/LBA. The behavior technician will work directly with a learner to implement ABA programming and teaching strategies.

Beyond Boundaries provides a variety of therapeutic services to meet the needs of each learner and improve daily functioning in home, academic and social settings.

  • Behavior programming
  • Full-day services from 9–3 pm
  • Extended day services from 3-7 pm
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Social Skills
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Pre-Vocational Skills
  • Provision of home instruction hours for school aged learners
  • Adapted recreation activities

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Instruction/Training

Applied Behavior Analysis techniques are utilized to break down tasks and skills into component parts to help their learner maximize success in the learning experience in the classroom and at home.

Programs are modified to meet the individual needs of each learner, utilizing the environment and systems of positive reinforcement. Our Licensed Behavior Analysts, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and skilled clinicians use ABA to help your learners acquire behaviors and skills to help them succeed in the educational setting. ABA techniques may include but are not limited to discrete trial instruction, naturalist environment training, incidental teaching, direct instruction, verbal behavior strategies, social skills development and more.

Behavior Consultation

Consultation services include comprehensive assessments, behavior support and modification, and intervention for students with special needs by our licensed behavior analysts.

We recommend a programmatic approach to supporting the needs of your program. This allows our consultants to assimilate within the culture of your school and become a vital asset to your team. Consultation is available for School/Department-Wide supports to assist with evaluation and development of educational service systems. School/Department-Wide supports include but are not limited to conducting program needs assessments, design and implementation of standardized program evaluation protocols, development of program improvement plans, analysis of program evaluation data and training of school personnel.

Behavior Intervention Services

We provide after-school in home behavior intervention services for students in need of continued assistance.

The focus is on maintaining skill acquisition and consistency between home and school. Our providers work on daily living skills, social skills, and carrying over reinforcement systems and behavioral programming into the student’s home. Our home based therapists work closely with the student’s educational team to ensure consistency.

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) and Strategies Development

A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is an important tool that can be used by those supporting your student (BCBA/LBA, ABA therapists, parents, educators, caregivers) in order to ensure accuracy, consistency, and evidence-based treatment.

A Behavior Intervention Plan is a plan that’s designed to teach and reward positive behaviors. This can help prevent or stop problem behaviors in school. The BIP is based on the results of the Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and describes the problem behavior, the reasons the behavior occurs and the intervention strategies that will address the problem behavior. Effective plans consist of multiple interventions or positive support strategies. Our Licensed Behavior Analysts can design a Behavior Intervention Plan specifically to meet the individual needs of your student.

Classroom Design and Implementation

We have assisted numerous Districts in all aspects of setting up an effective and appropriate setting for current and new ABA classrooms, as well as other specialized special education settings.

We will work with your team to maximize success, comfort and enjoyment for students and faculty. Design and implementation plans are tailored to meet the individualized needs of your students. Our consultants will work with Teachers, Teacher Assistants, and Aides so that they receive the highest level of training in the techniques of applied behavior analysis and overall behavioral management.

Data Collection Systems and Analysis

With Applied Behavior Analysis, data drives all the decisions we make. Data is used to determine if a goal is mastered, when to switch or add new targets or when to change teaching procedures to make greater progress.

This information is collected and then reflected onto graphs. Graphs are visual tools we use to assess where our target behavior has been, where it is now, and where we can project it to go. We take data on many different behaviors, such as behaviors we want to decrease (aggression, screaming, tantrums, pinching, self-injurious behavior, etc.) or behaviors we want to increase (requesting for information, learning to read, counting, etc.).

Extended School Day/Year Program Development and Implementation

An Extended School Day/Year program is designed for the students currently placed in special classes with moderate to significant behavioral and social needs.

Our curriculum will provide social and daily living skills training for these students. The curriculum will provide a systematic approach for teaching students functional communication skills, appropriate play skills, social skills, self-regulation and coping skills, as well as facilitate the development of independent life skills. The activities and expectations for the students will vary based on age, need and ability. All essential knowledge, skills, and performance indicators must be assessed with student’s individual capabilities being taken into consideration.

Functional Behavioral Assessment

Behavior Analysts employ a variety of assessments and data collection methods to determine the nature or “function” of the challenging behavior(s).

An FBA identifies events that predict and maintain challenging behaviors. The outcome of the FBA will determine the course of treatment needed to foster change. Throughout this process, our Licensed Behavior Analysts, are always available to answer questions, work with other therapy providers, provide additional coaching, and modify recommendations as needed.

Functional Skills Assessment

Our providers create an individualized program for your student that, in addition to helping them acquire language and reduce problem behavior, can also teach them functional skills, such as washing their hands.

This can be accomplished using a task analysis, which lists all the individual steps that are included in accomplishing a more complex activity. These steps are then taught to the student in order to help him/her acquire necessary skills. Our providers will work with your student and create a list that is tailored to their specific needs. Some children require more detailed task analyses than others, so we would have them perform some functional skills in order to evaluate their current skill set.

Parent Training and Consultation

Our providers collaborate with parents, students, and school staff to identify effective strategies that will help increase positive behavior and productivity during the school day.

School District Professional Development

We provide customized training to meet your district’s needs. All in-class training/modeling is conducted by expert level staff and can be tailored for specific audiences.

Our hands on approach provides a comprehensive and dynamic training to support your team. We train staff to fully implement Behavior Intervention Plans designed by BCBA/LBAs. Our staff training enables students to reach their goals in a shorter period of time. Staff training is provided in home and school settings to generalize the skills to the natural environment that are acquired during 1:1 instruction with an ABA instructor.

Supervision to Board Certified Behavior Analysts Candidates, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and Registered Behavior Technicians

Beyond Boundaries ABA provides supervision to those who are pursuing BCBA or BCaBa certifications.

We provide the opportunity for candidates to complete their Supervised Independent Fieldwork in Behavior Analysis. BCBA and BCaBa Candidates have opportunities to have multiple experiences (different sites, different populations) as well as a variety of activities directly related to behavior analysis.