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Exciting New Partnership Provides Expanded Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

WESTBURY, NY, DECEMBER 2, 2019 – Marra and Glick ABA and Gayle E. Kligman Therapeutic Resources are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership, now known as Beyond Boundaries, which will provide an expansion of resources addressing the complex educational needs of special learners. This new partnership combines the highly trained staff of both agencies to more readily and efficiently meet the growing needs of individuals with disabilities in a variety of settings, including home, school and the community.

“Marra and Glick and Gayle E. Kligman went into partnership knowing that we will continue to maintain the highest clinical standards in the industry. We now offer a full range of services to support individuals and families who are faced with behavioral health challenges”, says Lauren Marra, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Autism Services at Beyond Boundaries. “Families and school districts will be able to access a comprehensive range of services in one place.

Beyond Boundaries specializes in behavior analytic services (ABA) as well as a variety of therapeutic services, such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Behavior Intervention Services, Behavior Consultation Services, Parent Training, Counseling, Psychological Services, Educational Services, Professional Development and Evaluations and Diagnosis for learners of all ages, including early intervention (0-2), pre-school (3-4) and school age (5-21).

Beyond Boundaries’ unique, center-based locations, best known as an interim alternative placement for home instruction, offer services throughout the day. Our clinicians use individually designed programs and behavior management plans to nurture interests and encourage learning, while helping learners re-integrate into community and school settings, as quickly as possible.

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