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Special Education

Beyond Boundaries' experienced special educators serve learners with specially designed instruction to help them successfully attain their goals and objectives.

With an emphasis on improved organizational and study skills, our special education teachers provide high levels of support and structure to meet each learner's needs through the use of evidence-based instructional strategies and interventions.

Special Education

Special education services are curriculum based and address IEP goals and objectives in math, reading and/or writing. We work toward increased organizational skills, study skills, comprehension and social/behavioral skills. Special education teachers administer tests with appropriate testing modifications, as per the learner's IEP or IESP, as well as proctor examinations at the district’s request.

Resource Room Teacher

Resource Room services are provided to learners in accordance with their IEP or IESP. Services may be provided to learners receiving instruction in school; in the home or at our center-based locations.


Proctoring is available for state assessments, mid-terms, finals and/or learners who require extended time and/or other accommodations, such as questions read.

Home Tutoring

Home tutoring services may be provided to students upon request from the School District in accordance with the learner's IEP or by written request from the School District. The dates that a learner may be serviced are in accordance with the individual school district’s calendar or specified in writing by the school district. Home tutoring providers will be assigned based on each learner's academic needs.

Reading Specialist

Reading specialists provide expert instruction to learners who are struggling with reading. They support, supplement and extend classroom teaching and work collaboratively to implement a quality reading program that is research-based and meets the needs of the learner.