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Q: What students would be appropriate for center-based services?

A: Beyond Boundaries accepts learners with disabilities whose challenging behaviors present significant obstacles to their academic success. These disabilities include, social-emotional-behavioral disabilities that impact an individual’s ability to function in an academic setting.

Q: What are the age parameters?

A: We work with learners from age 5 to 21.

Q: What is the length of the day?

A: Services take place hourly from 9:00am - 3:00 pm. Extended day services are available at our center-based locations, Monday through Friday, from 3:00pm to 7:00 pm.

Q: Can a student receive extended day services at the center-based location if they are not attending during the day?

A: Yes, we recognize that there are many learners that have a provision of extended school day services on their IEP, but that the home setting might not be the best environment to provide these services. We work with school districts to make arrangements for extended day services at our center-based locations.

Q: How long can a learner remain at a center-based location?

A: Learners remain at our center-based locations for as long as they require, in order to break through behavioral barriers, and build the skills necessary to return to a less restrictive setting.

Q: What will a typical day look like for the student?

A: The Beyond Boundaries center-based locations offer a variety of unique opportunities and a daily schedule that replicates a school routine. Each learner’s day is developed based on their IEP and behavioral profile, including behavior intervention techniques, related services, therapeutic services, physical activity, vocational awareness, life skills training, art, music, recreational activities, library and special education and/or computer assisted instruction.

Q: Will a Licensed Psychologist be providing direct service to students?

A: Licensed Psychologists and/or Social Workers provide direct oversight of the learner's programming and behavior intervention planning and closely monitor student progress. Our licensed clinicians direct and supervise the behavior therapists who are implementing intervention plans on a daily basis. All staff working directly with the learners are trained in the implementation of behavior intervention techniques and intensive behavior therapy. Staff are also trained in crisis intervention and prevention to maintain a safe environment for all.

Q: Will related services be provided on site?

A: Related services are provided on site, throughout the day, including: Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Psychological Counseling.

Q: How will academic requirements be met?

A: Academic home-instruction hours are provided on site, by certified special education teachers and/or through distance/computer based learning. All academics are paired with behavior skill goals.

Q: Do we accept students who are on school suspension or with intensive psychiatric needs?

A: All students will be screened based on the appropriateness of the services we provide regardless of need for an interim alternative placement.

Q: Are psychiatric services available?

A: Psychiatric consultation may be provided, based upon the individual needs of the learner.

Q: Is there a nurse on site?

A: Nursing services may be provided, based on the individual needs of the learner.

Q: Is there a “back to school transition plan” for a learner’s return to their recommended educational placement?

A: As learners make progress toward their goals, appropriate transition plans are developed. The goal of Beyond Boundaries’ interim alternative center-based locations is to re-integrate learners back into the least restrictive community and school settings, as soon as possible. When appropriate, our team will act as a liaison with the learner’s school team to train teachers and support staff. Ongoing consultation is available as needed after transition is fully complete.

Q: Can parents place their child at our center-based locations without the recommendation of the CSE?

A: We do not accept private pay for our center-based day services. Families may not unilaterally place their child. All recommendations must come from the CSE in order for a student to receive services at Beyond Boundaries.